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Krissa O.

His name is Edrick, and I have been in love with him for almost a decade. He is the man I dreamed of before I knew this kind of love was possible, and on October 21st at 3 pm on a Tuesday afternoon, he told me what he wished for every time he saw a falling star, found a penny or blew out a birthday candle. He told me he wished to marry me.

He asked me to come home early from work so we could spend the sunny, fall afternoon together. He knows how much I love sunny days in the crisp fall air. Since we had plans to attend a concert that evening, I thought it would be the perfect way to begin our night. I agreed and returned home early to a house that was clean and far too quiet. He wasn't working in his office, and there was a note left for me by the stereo. On it, I was instructed to play two songs. The first was called "Joy," my middle name, and the second "143." Both are beautiful songs about the appreciation a man has for a woman who lifts him up with the respect and love she brings to his life. Just as the songs finished, the phone rang and he told me to meet him at the park two blocks from our house.

It was an amazing day outside, so I walked down to meet him. As I approached I saw this gorgeous man sitting with his back to me. He appeared to be holding something. The closer I came, the clearer the something he was holding became. Not long before, I had lost my chocolate lab of 13 years, and here in his arms was a little pup. I started crying as he handed her to me.

"Her name is Marley...after your favorite artist, Bob Marley. You said his music always helps you smile and I think she will too!" he told me. It wasn't until after I put her down that I saw something hanging from her collar. It was a combination lock. It hit me that the code was the code from the song, 1-4-3.

As I opened it, a little sheer bag released and in it was a star, a penny and a birthday candle. They were all of the things he had wished on for me! I also found a ring which he had created using the band from my great-grandmother's ring and hiring someone to make the ring of my dreams. He looked at me and said, "I love you...will you honor me?" I cried and my pup licked my tears. Then we spent the next couple of hours with our favorite wine and the new love of our lives, Marley!

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