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Kira P.

I always said that Tim would never be able to surprise me when it came to getting engaged. The night before he asked me to marry him, we were at a dog training class with our new disobedient puppy. Tim was acting very strangely that night and kept asking me, "Are you sure you still like me?" Well, this came as a surprise, but I found out the next night that he was acting this way because he had bought the ring during the day. I went to my parents' house to visit my mom, hang out and eat pizza, wings and ice cream in my pajamas. Tim walked in the house at around 10 pm, threw a bag at me and told me he had bought me a present. I opened it up and of course the receipt was still in the bag, and I saw that he had bought me the new IPhone for $600.00. I opened the box, looked at the phone and then felt outraged by the price he had paid for the phone. I put the phone back in the bag and kicked it under the coffee table with the demand that he return the phone first thing in the morning!

About fifteen minutes later, he got out the phone and started to play with it. I was kind of curious because I really did want the phone. He was taking pictures of my mom and dad and told me to smile with the phone pointing at me. He then got my attention and handed me the phone. I looked at it to see a picture slide show. With each picture, it said "Will you marry me?" The last picture was a photo of him holding the ring. I let the slide show go a couple of times, and then I looked up from the phone to see him standing there with the ring in hand. He got down on one knee, and I said yes!

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