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Kiara H.

I am a ballet dancer with a local company, and I have performed in productions all my life. When I started getting lead roles, I would get flowers brought out to me onstage during bows at the end of a show. My fiancé, Daniel, would occasionally bring them out to me, so I was used to seeing him onstage.

One night, I had just finished a wonderful show of "The Nutcracker" and was taking my bows. Daniel brought my flowers out to me, as usual. However, after he handed them to me, he started to walk away but then stopped and turned around. I was wondering what was going on. He drew in close and whispered to me, "I will love and cherish you forever. Will you marry me?"

With that, he knelt down in front of 700 people and held out a stunning diamond ring! I was so shocked, I couldn't say anything. Daniel was expecting an answer, but I couldn't speak so I just held my hand out so he could put the ring on. Meanwhile the audience was roaring with applause and the rest of the cast behind me was clapping and crying. Before I knew it, Daniel and I were kissing, then he dipped me down in a movie-style kiss! Of course, being the ballerina that I am, my leg flew up which added to the effect. The curtain was left up for a few more moments as we took a bow and the audience clapped even louder. When the curtain finally went down, the rest of cast rushed up to congratulate us. We have happily been planning our wedding ever since.

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