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Kelly K.

I met my fiancé Drew in college, where he introduced me to the band Blue October. Since then, the band and their music have been inspiration for us in many ways. Our favorite song, "18th Floor Balcony, " personifies our relationship because it describes the openness and comfort we feel when we're together.

For Christmas this year, Drew and I traveled to Texas to spend the holiday with his family. Before the trip, I planned to get a manicure for fun. Drew happened to call before I sat down for my manicure and told me not to get it done. When I asked why, he replied that his mother was going to surprise me with a gift certificate to a nail salon in Texas.

When we got to Texas, we sure enough had manicure appointments scheduled for the day after Christmas. While the girls went to the salon, Drew took his father shopping for electronics. As I was waiting for Drew's sister to finish her manicure, I overheard his mom talking to the receptionist about a massage. I had been text messaging Drew about lunch plans, and when I mentioned the massage, Drew said he had known about it because it was supposed to be yet another surprise. For whatever reason, the receptionist apologized to us, telling us that we couldn't get massages at the on-site salon but that the hotel massage would be satisfactory.

She then took us in the service elevator and asked us to stay while she talked to the concierge about where to go for the massage. While it seemed weird, I didn't pay much attention. She ushered us to Room 1811, which appeared to simply be an open hotel room. I started to walk in but stopped dead in my tracks because I thought the scenario was too strange for something bad not to happen. Drew's mom walked up to give me a hug and said, "I love you! " After that, tears began rolling from my eyes as I turned the corner to see the love of my life standing on the balcony of an 18th floor hotel room with Blue October's "18th Floor Balcony " playing in the background. Our engagement was a complete surprise and more than I could have ever asked for! I always knew Drew would be creative with his engagement planning, but I could never have expected all of this!

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