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Katie P.

Autumn is my favorite season. Every year on the last Sunday in October, Jason and I celebrate the anniversary of our first date. We meet in a riverside park in Columbus and carve pumpkins. This year, on our two-year anniversary, we met at the same park as always. We hollowed out our pumpkins at home since it was less messy that way. Jason was proud because he found a great tool to help dig out the seeds. He showed me the inside of his pumpkin, and it looked great!

We sat across from each other at a picnic table. Jason told me he was going to carve a football. After ten minutes, I asked how his football was shaping up. He turned the pumpkin around, and instead of a football, he had carved a heart!. As I looked deep into the heart, I noticed that a beautiful diamond ring was hanging inside the pumpkin. Somehow, during the carving process, he had cut out a beautiful heart, took the ring out of his pocket, and hung it on a clear string inside. I was speechless! I am so blessed to have met such a wonderful, generous man with a big, loving heart!

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