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Katie M.

My boyfriend proposed to me one December day in Bloomington, Indiana. The date was not special in our relationship, and I had no knowledge of it at all. A couple of weeks before that, I had been asked by one of my friends to go to her work's Christmas party with her. Our boyfriends are in a band together, and they had a gig that Friday, so she didn't want to go to the party by herself. I agreed to go with her, and she told me it was formal and that I had to dress up, which was completely out of the ordinary for me.

When Friday came around, one of my friends asked me to go shopping with her. She knew I needed help with the whole dressing-up concept, so she assisted me in choosing a beautiful dress and putting it all together at her apartment. After I had gotten ready, there was a knock at the door. My friend opened it, and there was an older man who asked for me. I reluctantly met him outside, only to see a limo waiting in the parking lot. Stunned and shaking, I walked with him to it.

When he opened the door to the limo, I saw my fiancé inside, proposing to me on one knee. I have no idea what he said because I was so shocked. After I cried and took pictures, the limo took us to our favorite restaurant then to see the Nutcracker. After we had time to celebrate alone, we went around and picked up our brothers and our friends to include them in our celebration. It was wonderful! He took so much time to involve my friends and family in order to make it a memorable night. It was the best way for us to begin the rest of our lives together.

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