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Katie M.

My boyfriend Jake had an engagement ring custom-made at a local eclectic jewelry store in town, which is one of my favorite places to window-shop. He purchased it sometime in March and couldn't bear to keep it a secret. He immediately spilled the beans when he got home and just had to show me the ring. I loved it and told him it would look even better on my finger! He laughed, and I waited for a response that didn't come until late July.

By this time, my mom, co-workers and loved ones knew that he had the ring. However, everyone, myself included, had no idea why he was waiting so long to propose. So, we went to lunch together one Friday, and I finally told him how I felt. "You're not going to be able to surprise me, Jake. So if that's what you're waiting on, give it up. Why don't you just hand over the ring, " I semi-joked. "We can make up some romantic story about how you proposed. " We both got a chuckle out of my impatience and frustration, but I was fuming inside!

That next morning, I went to the gym and returned to take a shower before Jake and I went out to breakfast and then a movie. I was shampooing my hair when he stepped into the shower with me. I turned around, said good morning and continued my routine. When he hadn't answered, I opened my eyes and to my surprise, he was holding the ring and asked with a big smile, "So, you want get married? " Before I could even say yes, I exclaimed, "What am I going to tell everyone? "

I later tried to give my mom a cleaner version of the story, which was difficult because "the moment " happened while we were both naked in the shower. I'm glad it happened this way, though. It makes for a pretty funny story, and it just wouldn't have been "us " if he were to plan some elaborate over-the-top scheme to propose. To this day, I happily recount the time Jake proved me very, very wrong: he surprised me.

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