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Katie M.

My fiancé wanted me to think that it was just an average Saturday, so we started the day by going to the mall and exchanging some Christmas gifts. Then he brought me to Ciao Bella in Edina for a delicious lunch. The interior of Ciao Bella is beautiful and created a romantic setting for our lunch date. While enjoying scrumptious pasta, my fiancé asked me questions and we shared special memories about why we love each other so much. We both shed some happy tears as we told one another about the love we share.

After lunch my fiancé, Joe, handed me a book. Inside he had written a fairytale about how we met and fell in love. He had it printed and bound so it looked like a real book. In the fairytale, I was Princess Katie and he was Sir Joe. He also included all the cards and notes that I have given him. He kept them all! At the end of the fairy tale it said, "The prince knew what he needed to do next, and that was to buy a ring and ask for the Princess' hand in marriage... Story to be continued... Look for book two coming in February 2009."

At this point, I was crying because the fairytale was so romantic. We then traveled to Centennial Lakes to go ice skating. He brought me to one side of the ice rink, where he cleared all patrons off the ice and had a heart with "J + K" written with red spray paint on the ice. He whispered things in my ear about why he loves me, and then he dropped to one knee and asked me to marry him.

After I said yes, we went back into the warming house where my family, his family and our closest friends were all waiting to surprise me!

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