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Katie H.

My fiancé and I have been together for nine wonderful years! We have been through junior high, high school and college together. We transitioned from innocent flirting to complete infatuation. We had been living together for three years at the time, and realized that we never really had a truly romantic getaway. With this said my fiancé, Corri, suggested that we go somewhere special for Valentine's Day and make a weekend out of it. Of course I agreed and offered to put the plans in motion. He strangely offered to do it himself. I just figured he had a Valentine's Day surprise for me and didn't want me to find out.

However sweet and loving my Corri is, he is the shyest man you will ever meet, so I didn't expect what was to come next. He made reservations at our favorite hotel in Captiola, California, and dinner reservations at The Shadowbrook. We got ready together at the hotel as usual, and off to dinner we went. As we arrived, I was shocked how packed the restaurant was; Corri assured me not to worry. As we waited for our seats, my honey leaned into me and said, "You've never looked so beautiful, Katie." I was wooed by his angelic sweetness. As we walked to our table, I saw three dozen red, white and pink roses in a gorgeous vase sitting there. I said to him, "Wow, look at those roses!" He smiled at me and said, "They are for you." I was floored, thinking how did he order them and get them here since we were out of town.

We were seated in our favorite area in the wine cellar near the fireplace. I was in awe over my beautiful flowers; people passing by even commented on the size and color of the roses. He then told me how he ordered them one month is advance from an exclusive florist in the area. Again, I was elated by his romantic gestures! Our table was set for four, so there was an extra chair on the side of us. I remember Corri being very distraught that the chair was there. He even asked the waiter to move it. Again the shyest man in the world was making a fuss over an extra chair! I thought maybe he was just nervous because the amount of people dining, or was just being weird! We ordered our meals and had a wonderful magical time. Corri paid the check and I thought we were going to be on our way. We made some small talk and I asked if we were going to get going. He said I just want to enjoy this time with you. I could tell he was nervous about something, and he actually started making me nervous!

I didn't know what was going on. Seconds later he said, "Oops, I dropped my napkin." He looked as though he was going to bend down and get it. Instead he got on one knee and pulled the ring of my dreams out of his pocket and said, "Katie there is something I've wanted to ask you for a long time now. Will you marry me?" I don't even remember saying yes, but I was told I did! I hugged him so tight and could only see him, it was like the whole room was black and there he was purposing to me! Everyone clapped and cheered. We raced out of the restaurant and the tears began to flow. I couldn't stop smiling and the two of us laughed, saying, "Did that really just happen?" The man who said he would never purpose in public just got down on one knee if front of probably more than one hundred people. Here we are today, more in love than ever before!

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