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Katie G.

Because it had snowed on my birthday, Brad was planning a belated outdoor birthday surprise for me a few days later. He sent me out for a few hours so he could set up my birthday present. I took myself to a movie and returned home to cook dinner. Brad was hard at work being secretive in the back yard. We ate stuffed salmon fillets and salad. Then he asked me to follow him outside. He had purchased a hammock and hammock stand, and had lined it with blankets and pillows, set up a projector and sound system, and had popcorn and a cooler filled with beverages. He had created a homemade drive-in movie theater in our back yard in a matter of hours!

I was stunned and already thought it was just about the coolest thing anyone had ever done for me for my birthday. He helped me settle in to the hammock and started fidgeting with the speakers and sound. He said that he had made a "Preview DVD" so that he could adjust the focus and the sound without missing any of the movie. He popped in the DVD and we laughed together as old-fashioned commercials for popcorn and corndogs played on the screen. He had found drive-in movie advertisements and burned them to DVD.

Next, he got into the hammock with me as "What a Wonderful World" began to play and photos of our last few years together came on the screen. He had put together a beautiful slide show. I enjoyed watching the memories, and even got a little teary. The last slide came across the screen and it was time for the "Bonus Features." The opening piano of "One is the Loneliest Number" came on over a picture of our scooters on an overlook north of town. As the song launched into a Beta Band remix, text appeared over the photo that said, "Wanna Get Hitched?"

I COULD NOT BELIEVE IT! I seriously stared at the screen for about a minute before realizing what was happening. He had the most beautiful diamond ring that I had ever seen sitting in my lap and I hadn't even noticed! Of course I started to cry and say, "Are you kidding me? Are you kidding me?" He smiled and said, "Well, will you marry me?" After a few more moments of shock I said, "Yes!"

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