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Kathryn H.

Mike and I had been together for over three years, but I had known that I wanted to marry him after half a month. Soon, we moved in together, and I was just waiting for him to propose. One day, he asked me for my ring size, and I thought he was being very obvious. When he saw how cocky I was that I knew he was going to propose, he tried to throw me off scent by telling me he thought a promise ring would be a nice birthday gift. I was so mad! After all we had been through, he still wasn't ready to propose?

About a week later, he casually said, "Hey, we should go to Vegas this weekend. " Mike is not spontaneous, so I was naturally suspicious. Mike was able to get us a room at the Bellagio, which is our favorite hotel in the world; the food is amazing, and the beds are so comfortable and luxurious. When we arrived to check in, the desk clerk said, "Oh, I see there's a note here in your reservation, so I'm going to go ahead and upgrade your room to a lake view and see if we can have some chocolate-covered strawberries sent up for you. " I thought that was pretty obvious, but why on earth would the clerk say that right in front of me?

We checked in and as we were walking to the room, Mike came up with some silly excuse for why the clerk would have said that. When the room service delivery person knocked on the door with a box of truffles and a card wishing us a "great stay on our special occasion, " I thought something was definitely up. We went to dinner at a nice restaurant and at the end of dinner, when Mike suggested that we go watch the fountain show at the Bellagio, I just knew it was coming. Just then, I had a horrific moment when I realized that if I were wrong, I would be very disappointed, and the whole trip would have been ruined. So, I decided to just enjoy the time and enjoy being together. I realized that even if we didn't get married, I wanted to be with Mike forever.

By the time we had arrived in front of the Bellagio for the fountain show, I was in a different frame of mind, and it made it that much better when Mike's hand emerged from his pocket with a little black box in it! He didn't make a speech or get down on his knee because that wouldn't have been like him to do. All he had to do was say, "Will you marry me? " and with that little sentence, I heard everything he didn't need to say. He opened the box, and it lit up, as if in a movie where the diamond lights up and a choir of angels sings! I had no idea that such technology existed, so the first words out of my mouth were, "It lights up? " When I got over the shock of the box, I said yes and tears of joy started pouring from my eyes as he put the ring on my finger. I thought about how excited I was to spend the rest of my life with Mike and have it be official! I hugged him, and when he asked, "Did you see it coming? " I lied...

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