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Kathryn C.

My story began about ten years ago, when I met a boy named Michael. I have to say, I was not the least bit interested in him, but I thought, "Why not? " Boy, am I glad I finally gave him a shot! We have been together ever since. Last year, I accepted the fact that we would never get married. We already had two beautiful children and were very happy together. Money had always been tight, and we were even juggling a long distance relationship. In the back of my head, however, I was just like every other girl in the world: I would love to have my daddy walk me down the aisle.

Much to my surprise, he proposed on Christmas Day. The proposal was sweet and included my family, but I was totally clueless. I had been helping my daughter open one of her gifts and looked up to see Michael handing me a card. I opened the card, which melted my heart, and found a beautiful ring attached to a ribbon. On the back of the card were two boxes for check yes and check no. The question "Will you marry me? " was written above them. Of course I said yes!

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