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Kathryn B.

On Christmas morning, my boyfriend Jim and I flew to New York to meet up with his family. We had a lovely Christmas and during dinner, it was suggested that we go to New York City. I was thrilled because a year and a half before, we had gone to NYC to spend an amazing weekend walking around, falling in love and just being together. I always tell people we fell in love in New York City.

December 26 started off like any other day after Christmas. We got in our cars and drove to the city. We walked around with his family, took pictures, drank coffee and then took a walk by ourselves. We planned our meeting place and off we went. We walked the same route we had walked on a year and a half before. We passed the hotel we had stayed at, the restaurant where we had shared a romantic dinner and then Central Park. We walked through the park until we got to the gardens at Tavern on the Green. They were lit so beautifully that I wanted to stop and take a picture.

While standing there, Jim told me he that he loved me, and I told him that I loved him as well. He looked at me and said that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me one day, and I agreed. Then he said, "Well what if that 'one day' was today? " He reached into his front coat pocket to pull out a box. He then said to me, "With the blessing of your mother and father, will you spend the rest of your life with me? " There, in the middle of Central Park, in front of the most beautifully lit Christmas garden I have ever seen, Jim and I got engaged! He had also gotten my dream engagement ring fit exactly for me! We stood there for a few moments, just hugging each other. Then we headed for another walk through Central Park back to our family, who had all been a part of it! We started celebrating right away!

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