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Katherine W.

It all started about a week before Josh proposed to me. We had gone out to eat and when finished I asked, "What's next, dinner or chill at my house?" He responded, "I don't care." I then jokingly said, "Oh I know, you have some romantic surprise for me." He said, "Yes. Actually, I do." I know that he really did not, but he is just so great that he came up with something on the spot. We got in the car and he had me put my head down and keep my eyes closed. We drove around for a while and then he had me open my eyes. We were parked in front of the home that we first met at.

Then he had me close my eyes again. He took me to a local church where we first really got to know each other. We got back in the car and he said it was a "to be continued" surprise. Even though it was so last minute, he did such a great job with the surprise!

Fast forward a week - the plans for the night were to go watch his band perform a concert, then go to see a movie after. He picked me up and when I got in the car he told me to put my scarf on as a blind fold. I did not suspect a thing because I thought he was just finishing his surprise from the previous week. We finally arrived at the destination, and with the blind fold still on, he had me get out of the car and sit down. I knew we were outside and I could hear cars driving by. Then I heard my favorite song, "What a wonderful World," being to play. He was started describing the location that we were at; I immediately knew where we were.

All throughout our dating relationship there was a local coffee shop that we always went too. We would meet there every Monday before we started "officially dating" and just play cards or hangout. He got my number there and it was the spot of our first date. We even had carved our initials underneath our favorite table. Unfortunately, the coffee shop closed a few months prior. When he told me to take off my blindfold - I was stunned! He had recreated the coffee shop that we both hold so dear to us.

There were candles everywhere and we were sitting at one of their tables. He had gotten my sisters and mom in on it, and they had decorated the windows and floor with pictures of me and him. He then read several passages out of the bible. The next thing I know he is down on his knee proposing! Obviously, I said, "Yes!"

That not all! He began to wash my feet, similar to what happened in the bible between Jesus and his disciples. It was so humbling. Then we slow danced and he just kept repeating how much he loved me. My brother-in-law and close friend walked up and congratulated us. They were there to clean everything up. I tried calling some of my friends, but none would answer their phones! Josh told me that we needed to go see my parents first. When I got to my house, all of my closest friends and family were there to congratulate us! It was the best night of my entire life.

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