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Kate R.

My boyfriend and I always spend New Year's Eve together at a ski resort in Montana, so I was a bit confused when he suggested that we spend the holiday in Vermont with his family. He had just been working in Alaska for three months, so I figured he wanted to spend some time with his family and agreed to go out east. I decided to take our dog with us, and my boyfriend Zach planned a snowshoeing trip for the morning after I got to Vermont. We woke up early, packed a lunch and got ready to go snowshoeing. I thought the backpack that Zach was bringing seemed big, but he said he needed extra room for dog treats and snacks.

Zach and I had been snowshoeing with our dog for about two hours when we decided to stop for lunch. We had an amazing picnic and were just about to head back to the cabin when Zach said he had a present for me. He took a small wooden ring out of his pocket and said he had whittled it for me in Alaska. When I put it on, it only fit my pinkie. Then, he said he had another one that might fit better. He reached in his pocket and pulled out the most amazing diamond ring I'd ever seen, got on one knee and proposed. I started crying and could barely say yes.

Then, Zach pulled out a bottle of champagne and two champagne glasses from the backpack, and we toasted the event. We proceeded to drink the entire bottle and stumbled back to the cabin a little tipsy! His entire family and all of his family-friends were at the cabin, and we had an impromptu celebration with them. It was such an amazing day and such a creative way to propose!

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