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Kate D.

Every Friday, my fiancé and I have our weekly "date night." It's always blocked on our calendar that we do something as "just the two of us." On Friday, October 24th, it was Homecoming at Butler University (where I work), so we planned a low-key evening of carving pumpkins for Halloween. Halloween has always been special to us, since we started dating around that time years ago.

I got home later than usual, and the house was dark inside, except for the flickering glow of the television. I thought to myself, "Great. BJ is sleeping on date night!" Needless to say, I wasn't thrilled. I walked up to our front door, and pulled it open.

BJ was right there waiting, and behind him, glowing and flickering on the stairs were 4 pumpkins - carved with the words "Will You Marry Me?" I came through the door, and BJ dropped to one knee. I was SO surprised! Apparently, BJ had to ask me twice - I didn't even hear him the first time! Even our dog was hopping around in the excitement! Of course I said yes, and then we went out to a fabulous dinner at a great restaurant downtown. After, we met up with our friends for celebratory drinks; BJ had told them, and they were out waiting for us. For us, it was the absolute perfect proposal!

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