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Julia S.

Andrew and I met in college, where we lived in the same small dorm as freshman. We endured our friends' teasing for almost a year before we finally admitted that we had feelings for one another and started dating. After graduation, I pursued volunteer work in Kentucky, about 1000 miles from both home and Andrew. During this time, we began seriously discussing getting married, but Andrew felt strongly about waiting to make it "official " until I was back home in Massachusetts. I came home in June and attended a friend's wedding, where the bride launched the bouquet straight for my forehead, and I caught it in a desperate act of self-preservation. I called Andrew and told him it must be a sign. He just laughed. Exactly ten days later, we were engaged.

Andrew completely surprised me, and I never thought he would. We had been talking about the engagement for so long that I figured I would see a surprise proposal from a mile away. Boy, was I wrong! We had gone into Boston for the day and came by our old dorm, which is a very special place for both of us. It's a classic Boston brownstone and is full of memories. As we walked by the front steps, Andrew told me we needed to take a quick detour before going on. All of the pieces came together in my mind all of the sudden. My very first thought was, "Aw man, he got me! "

Andrew took a little box out of his pocket and told me that since this was the place where everything started for us, he felt like it was only natural that it also see us into the next part of our relationship. He asked me to marry him, and I happily replied in the affirmative. Nervous, he handed me the box unopened. It still had bubble wrap inside! It was as perfect as perfect comes, and we can't wait to have our pictures taken on our wedding day, standing on that city stoop that means so much to us.

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