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Josh L.

Crissy had been waiting for me to propose for the past six months. One day in early December, she announced that she would be growing out her nails so that they would look nice when people looked at the ring on her finger. Since I was planning to propose in the next month anyway, I told her to go ahead and do it. Knowing Christmas was her favorite time of the year, I decided to have a custom ornament made that said, "Crissy, will you marry me? Josh." I wanted to discreetly hang it up on the Christmas tree while we were taking down the ornaments. I ordered the ornament in late December and expected it to arrive in about a week. Unfortunately, the place that I had ordered the ornament from was having some manufacturing delays in getting it to me. Each day, I expected it to come in, and with each week that passed, I would say to Crissy, "Let's enjoy the tree a little longer and take the Christmas tree down the next week." Of course, Crissy was delighted to hear that and quickly agreed.

In the meantime, Crissy's nails grew longer and longer, until one of them finally broke. One evening, she said to me, "My nail broke! I'm going to have to cut my nails and start over!" Obviously, she wasn't happy about the fact that I hadn't proposed yet. I couldn't say much other than look her in the eyes and assure her it was okay for her to grow them out again. The ornament finally arrived three weeks after I placed the order. It was beautiful: the text had come out perfectly, and it had a nice silver frame. On January 20, we finally decided it was time to take down our tree because it was getting quite brittle. Our plan was to take down all the ornaments with special meanings first so that they could go in a separate box. When the last special ornament was being put away, I said to her, "Why don't you make one more pass, just to make sure we haven't missed any special ornaments." As she made her way around the tree, I just stood there looking at her, knowing what was coming in just a few seconds. My heart was racing. When she found it, her facial expression slowly changed from one of confusion over what ornament was on the tree, to one of recognition, smiles and tears. I got on one knee and proposed.

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