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Jordan S.

In July 2008, we enjoyed a romantic holiday in France. I surprised Aviva with a marriage proposal in what turned out to be a well-crafted plan. Below, you can read Aviva's reaction to the proposal in an email she sent to friends and family:

"Well, I just received probably the biggest surprise of my life! Jordan proposed to me in Paris. It was perfect, crazy, thrilling, dizzying, and romantic. Here's how the story goes...

One perfect evening, we decided to spend the night at Montmartre and gaze over the city while watching the artists work in the inspiring atmosphere of cobble stones, street lamps and beautiful architecture. Jordan said to me that he though we should get a caricature of the two of us as a memento. I thought it was a cheesy idea and said no at first, thinking that we'd just end up throwing it away and it would be a waste of money. He was pretty persistent, and although I was surprised he wanted to get this done I figured the romance of Paris was seeping into his pores, so gave in.

We watched some of the artists work for a bit and then chose the best one - Maxime, an artist who drew in color marker with such strong strokes and bold lines that it felt more like a piece of art than a cheesy caricature. I was sold. We sat down outside at a cafe and he began to sketch.

Without me knowing it, Jordan had slipped Maxime a note in French that a friend had translated, asking that he draw Jordan proposing in the picture with a speech bubble saying "Epouce moi, mon amour," which translates to, "Marry me my love." Maxime started sketching, and while we sat there a crowd started forming and people were reacting to the drawing because they knew what was going on. All the while I just thought it was because it was a really great painting. Then Jordan brought out the camera and asked a lady to take our photo. I kept wondering what the big deal was when we were just getting our picture drawn!

Jordan said he had to keep winking at people so they wouldn't give it away. Other artists kept coming over and aiding in the painting, which I thought was really cool. Everyone was so into it! When Maxime and the other artists decided that the drawing was complete, Maxime says to me, "Are you ready to see this?" He turned it around and I read it, but I didn't know the word "epouce," so I asked him, "Epouce? Je ne sais pas, est-ce que c'est comme une bizou?"(I don't understand the word epouce. Is it like a kiss?). Then he said in English, "No, it means marry me."

"What?," I said in confusion, and then turned to Jordan and saw that he had pulled out a ring. I've never been completely speechless in my life, and Jordan had to ask me a couple of times before I could let out the word "YES!" People were clapping, women were crying and I was in a complete state of shock. Once the shock wore off, the tears started flowing. Jordan had the ring custom made to follow the shape and flow of a dancer's curves and body. It also has a magnificent deep green stone (my favorite color!) next to the diamonds. The sneaky bum took one of my rings that I wore on that finger, so it fits perfectly. It's definitely my favorite piece of jewelry. We always like surprising each other, and he's the big winner this time."

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