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Joellen B.

Sam and I have been dating for five years. On December 1, 2007 we were caught in some of the worst weather of the month. It was cold, snowy and very icy. He told me we had a work Christmas party to attend that evening, but when he came to my house to pick me up our plans changed. He said he wanted to grab appetizers first before attending the party. He took me to a restaurant that was down the block. We sat by a big bay window in the bar area of the restaurant. After dinner was served, I was stirring my cappuccino when a truck pulled up in front of the window with a movable billboard attached to the back. As I was stirring my coffee, I looked up to see what was so bright out the window.

On the lighted billboard, I saw a picture of my fiancé and myself with the Chicago skyline in the background. It asked if I would marry him! I turned to look at my fiancé, and as I was turning toward him he had the ring in his hand proposing to me. I looked again to actually read what the sign said and then said, "Yes!"

The whole bar realized what the billboard said and started shouting "Did you say yes?" The bartender was filming the whole proposal, and it turned out that the other party we were supposed to attend was an engagement party that my finacé set up with all of my family and friends! Now, five months until the big day, I still look at that moment and say it was one of happiest days of my life! I'm not surprised by my fiancé's proposal because he is truly one of a kind.

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