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Jessica M.

One day, I received an email from Shaun at work. We had never been formally introduced, but had passed by each other a couple of times when leaving the office for the day. Shaun is a police officer, so he decided to be clever and run my license plate on my car so that he could find out what my name was. Once he knew my name, he searched for me in our email database, and after a couple of tries he found me. We talked throughout the day and decided to meet for ice cream after work. We sat outside of Marble Slab on a park bench for several hours and just talked about life. I remember looking into his blue eyes and thinking to myself, "He's just too perfect." We began our lives together that day.

Fast forward to Christmas morning 2008 when Shaun tells me to go into the bedroom so he can bring in my last Christmas gift. Not only did it take him forever, but he was making a lot of noise in the living room as I waited. I remember thinking, "Yay! He bought me a new couch or recliner." Finally, he walked into the bedroom and told me I could come out. I walked in and found a huge park bench in the middle of my living room.

We walked over and sat on it, and I was wondering what made him think I wanted a park bench. I thanked him for it and threw out ideas on where we could put it in the back yard. I then casually asked him where he got it. His response: "Marble Slab."

I was speechless and completely overwhelmed. I couldn't control the tears as he explained the story of how he was able to convince the owner to let him replace the old bench with a brand new one. Out of nowhere he slid off the bench and got on one knee. He said the sweetest words I've ever heard, and proposed. I feel so lucky and blessed! Not only do I have the wonderful memory of his proposal and my gorgeous engagement ring, but I have a VERY SPECIAL park bench in my kitchen that is a constant reminder of how beautiful our love is!

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