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Jessica J.

Ever since Brock and I started dating, he has been all about finding unique ways to get to know each other. One way is our "question book, " a book full of "what-if " type questions that we have been carrying with us wherever we go. Whenever waiting at restaurants or in lines or even just sitting in the car, we take turns reading questions and writing our answers down. One day in January, Brock told me that he wanted to spend the evening at the park, going through our question book.

Since we live in New Mexico, the weather was fairly nice that day, but it was a little chilly by the time we had gotten there. We sat down in the grass, and he began reading questions and writing down the answers we both came up with. After about ten questions, he said, "Here, it's your turn to write. " I was a little chilly so I said, "No, that's okay. You write; I'm cold. " He became more and more persistent, which made me a little irritated. Finally, I sighed and took the book and pen from him. I opened the book up to the page we were on and found a new question written in: "Will you marry me? " I looked up, and he was on his knee with the ring. I said yes! I am truly thankful to have such a thoughtful and romantic fiancé, and I can't wait until our wedding day!

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