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Jessica G.

The way Jordan and I got engaged is truly a New York story. I was at work the Friday before Labor Day weekend and was supposed to have a half-day off. I work in Manhattan doing public relations, so with my job, a half-day off doesn't mean much. Knowing this, Jordan made his way into the city to pick me up and drive me home, which was a total surprise to me!

To be honest, I didn't think much of it, but I was excited for a three-day weekend. I got in the car, and we headed down FDR Drive, me glued to my Blackberry, until we hit what I thought was a gigantic pothole. I later found out that he had driven over it purposely, but at the time, I had absolutely fallen for it. I even told him that I hoped the pothole didn't do anything to his car!

As we made our way over the Brooklyn Bridge, he said to me, "Do you feel that? Something is not right. I think that pothole might have messed up my tires. " As we drove off of the bridge, he decided to pull over and check things out. As he "looked " for a place to pull over, he just so happened to find a spot under the Brooklyn Bridge overlooking the promenade. I noticed the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory and begged for ice cream as he tried to "fix " the car.

Still glued to my Blackberry, I watched as he checked the tire next to the driver side door. He then made his way over to the tire by the passenger side, opened the door and asked if I could grab the flashlight from the glove compartment. I opened the compartment and to my unbelievable and utter surprise, there lay a little black box with the most gorgeous diamond ring inside!

As I turned to him, he bent down on one knee. We both began to cry and shake and at that exact instant, he asked the question, "Will you marry me? " Of course I said yes! It was the most perfect moment! We sat there for a few seconds, taking in the excitement and scenery. We then both looked at each other and decided it was a good time for ice cream.

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