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Jessica G.

My fiancé Rob, and I have been together for five years, and he knows that Christmas is my favorite holiday. A few days before Christmas, I found a letter taped to my bathroom mirror, which was labeled, "Part 1: The Preparation." The letter explained that this was the first of several "parts" to my Christmas gift. I was instructed to pack a bag and be ready to leave immediately after getting home from work on Christmas Eve. I did as it said. On Christmas Eve, Rob picked me up outside of our apartment and handed me another letter labeled, "Part 2: The Journey." The letter said to just sit back, relax and let the suspense build! Rob led me to downtown San Francisco, into the lobby of a beautiful boutique hotel, where I received the third letter, "Part 3: The Destination." The letter explained that we would be staying at the hotel that night. It also said to freshen up for our dinner reservation!

After freshening up, Rob led me to the restaurant. The restaurant was located only a few blocks from our hotel, but we had to walk through Union Square to get there. It was beautiful to see the city decorated for Christmas with a huge Christmas tree standing tall in the middle of the square. He promised that we would have time to stop and enjoy the view on our way back to the hotel after dinner. Our meal was delicious and, as promised, we strolled through Union Square once again on our way back so we could enjoy the tree and ice skating rink nearby. As I admired the 80-foot Christmas tree, Rob handed me the fourth letter, "Part 4: The Question." I immediately started crying as I read about how he wanted to give me the greatest gift of all this Christmas, a memory. As I looked up at him with tears in my eyes and with a pounding heart, he asked if I would marry him and presented me with a beautiful ring! I just about lost it right there in the middle of Union Square.

A tearful but happy idiot, I followed Rob back to the hotel to order a bottle of champagne to celebrate! With the Christmas gift and proposal, it had been a breathtaking evening. He even made reservations for breakfast the next morning so we could enjoy a few more hours of private celebration before heading back home. While sitting at the table, he handed me the fifth and final letter, "Part 5: The Celebration." The letter said that we could now start celebrating with our friends and family and kickoff our new life together! Needless to say, my Christmas was amazing, and I couldn't have dreamt of a more perfect proposal or a more perfect guy!

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