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Tara R.

Chase and I met in a summer class at our local community college in 2003. We live at the Jersey Shore and on our fourth date he took me to the Point Pleasant Boardwalk. We made our way into one of the arcades and found one of those old picture booths, not the digital kind, but the real ones that take forever to develop. I hung the photo strip up in my room later that night.

The next summer we found our way back to the same booth in a different arcade further down the boardwalk and we knew we had to have another strip. After that night we decided that we would make that our summer tradition and find that booth each year to get a new strip developed. From 2003 to 2007 we faithfully went mid-summer and collected our strips, laughing at how much we'd changed from year to year. For some reason though, this past summer of 2008 we delayed getting it done until the very last official night of summer - Labor Day.

We went to the boardwalk and it was jam packed, as it was the last holiday weekend of the summer. We found our special booth and waited our turn while a teenage couple snapped their shots. When we got inside, I thought we would pose as usual with me sitting on Chase's lap. He kept telling me to sit down, but I kept insisting that's not how we take our picture! He finally gave up after a few tries and got down on one knee in our tiny little photo booth and told me that for the past 5 years I had made him the happiest man on the planet, and he wanted to know if I would make him the happiest man for the rest of his life. Somehow I managed to get out a "yes" after screaming, "Is this real?" and "Is this really happening?" I was too nervous to put the ring on so Chase slipped it on my finger and said we had to hurry if we wanted to take our picture as a line had formed outside the booth!

We paid the $3 and got an "official" set of engagement photos, tears and all! I'm so glad we have that strip to always remind of us what we were feeling that night.

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