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Jenny S.

Greg and I had met working at an outdoor gear store, where most of the employees are outdoor enthusiasts as well. We both loved to hike, bike and do anything snow-related. The winter of the first year we started dating, we decided to go up to Lake Tahoe and spend a few days snowshoeing and snowboarding. We stayed at this place with quaint little cabins that had their own kitchenette and fireplace. What was wonderful about this place was that there was an area where people could snowshoe behind the resort. We fell in love with the place. Every year after that, we came back to our beloved lodge.

Two years ago, we planned our annual trip, which was the fifth anniversary of our trips up there. By this time, we had been together almost six years, and I had actually started to not think about getting engaged. I decided it was best not to think about it and that it would happen when I least expected it. We had gotten our usual cabin and began to settle in. We decided to eat some snacks, drink some wine and play Chinese Checkers in front of the fireplace. After we had been playing for a while, Greg turned around to his backpack on the floor. I heard some rustling and then he turned back around. He said, "Jen, I have loved you for a long time now and love you very much. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Will you marry me? " He then brought out the ring box, and through tears and a big smile, I said yes. What made this special was that Greg and I had been together almost six years by that point, and we had made that resort our special place full of memories. I will never forget that night, and I always have a great story to tell for how we met and got engaged!

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