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Jenny D.

It was a normal Saturday, and it was raining. I just finished teaching Saturday school, and headed to Vinnie's house. We were in the middle of renovating his basement, so I was dressed in sweats and a regular tee. When I got to his house, I noticed that he was wearing the same shirt that he wore on our first date. The thought ran across my mind for a minute, but that was it. I had picked up his favorite seven layer cookie as a surprise.

"I got you something Yummy!" I said as a joke.

"Well I got you something yummy too," he said laughing and disappeared into the kitchen. "Go watch the TV," he yelled from the other room. His mother came in and began to act funny. I got nervous that I had done something wrong. She left just as quickly as she came, and my boyfriend went back into the kitchen. At this point I was getting more and more nervous. I soon began to think that he was breaking up with me.

"Do you want your surprise?" he said from inside the kitchen. At this point I tried to sound as calm as possible. "Of course," I said with a smile. When he came out he handed me a Snapple bottle. "It's blueberry, your favorite flavor! Out of the blue!" he said and sat next to me. I opened the cap, but when I went to read it, it said, "Will you marry me?"

"That's not fair," I said to myself. "Someone may think they're getting proposed to." I placed the cap back on the table, taking a sip of the blueberry tea. Then I went to reach for the cap and heard a creaking noise. I looked to the left of me, and there was Vinnie, on his knee, holding a box with a heart diamond in it.

"Jenny you are the love of my life, my heart. Will you marry me?" I jumped up on the couch and stuttered words like, "Huh? Wha? No way! What is this? Wha?" over and over. Before I knew it I was sitting on top of the couch! I was so confused.

"Jen, will you marry me?" he said again. Finally, after five minutes of freaking out, I managed to get the words out "Yes, yes Vinnie, I will!" I couldn't believe that he had taken my favorite item, iced tea, and turned it into a memory that I would cherish on a daily basis!

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