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Jennifer S.

Danny and I had exchanged cars for the day because he was on a mission to kill a gigantic spider that was hiding in my card! That afternoon, Danny brought me lunch to celebrate the spider's death! While eating, Danny talked about how we might spend our last day of 2008 together (I was heading to Houston for Christmas and New Years; Danny was heading to Ft. Lauderdale and then Utah). He suggested we go to the gym after work, nothing more.

I had been thinking that we would do something more, as we wouldn't be seeing each other until 2009. In the spirit of, "I'll show him," I refused to go to the gym and started to ponder his motives. Danny called later to say that he was in his gym gear and would wait for me at my apartment to exchange car keys. I walked into my apartment to see rose petals and tea candles going up my staircase. As I reached the top, I saw rose petals and candles everywhere. "Unchained Melody" was playing in the background.

Expecting to see Danny in gym clothes, he was, instead, wearing a suit and was standing in a heart shaped by rose petals, holding a glass of champagne. I stood at the top of the stairs a moment, caught completely by surprise. Smiling ear to ear, he asked me to step into the heart with him. He proposed, I accepted, and the rest is history!

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