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Jennifer P.

It all began on a normal Wednesday afternoon. Preston called to say that he was invited to go deep sea fishing with some of his friends in the Bahamas. Of course I told him to have fun and go, saying it would be a good weekend for him to get away with the guys. That Thursday evening, my friend Heidi called to say that she was awarded top sales rep of the month and that her company was giving her an all-inclusive trip to New York City for her and a friend. She invited me, so of course I was excited to go. All I needed to do was book a flight for Saturday, which Preston helped me do.

On Friday afternoon, Preston called to say that he was on his way to the Bahamas. He even called me on Friday night to pretend that he had just gotten done fishing and said that he was going to go grill for dinner. Heidi was supposed to text or call me with the address of the hotel on Friday night, but on Saturday morning, I still had nothing from her. I just figured she would text me while I was on the flight, but when I landed in N.Y.C., I still had no text from Heidi. I called and texted her but there was still no answer. At first I thought she was playing a mean joke on me and that she really wasn't there. Normally I would have gotten annoyed, but I actually was having fun just hanging out at the airport and watching the planes come in and out. I was stuck in the airport for three hours before Heidi finally called. She apologized profusely, saying that her phone had died, and she had left her charger in Los Angeles.

Once she gave me the hotel address, I jumped in a cab and was off. I unpacked and relaxed for a while, soaking in the fact that I was really in N.Y.C. for free with one of my friends for the weekend. I was so excited! That night, Heidi texted me to say that her company was meeting to hang out before dinner and a show at the Dream Hotel. She told me that once I got there, I should go up to the top floor because her company had booked the top of the hotel. When I first got to the hotel, I saw that there were blue lights all around, and I thought about how much Preston would love the sight. I got in the elevator to go up to the top floor where there was a bouncer standing at the foot of one more flight of stairs. I went up to him and told him I was with Heidi, and he told me to go on up because Heidi was waiting for me. I walked up the stairs, ready to see my friend and have fun.

Let me pause here and try to describe what I saw when I reached the top. Normally during the summer, the top of the hotel is wide open and you can see Time Square, but because this night was colder, there was a white tent set up. The tent was draped with white curtains, and there were black chandeliers with blue lights and candles everywhere. Michael Buble was playing over the sound system. I stood frozen in awe because I was expecting Heidi, but there was no one up there. I walked to my left and saw this guy sitting on a couch in front of the fireplace. I thought to myself, "Wow, he looks like Preston. " Again, I stood there not moving. Then I realized it actually was Preston! I was confused why he was there because he was supposed to be in the Bahamas. He slowly got up and walked over to me. He said the sweetest things I have ever heard, got down on his knee and asked me to marry him. I was in such shock that he had to ask me twice because I kept repeating myself, "Are you for real? " Yes, it was real. I was with my best friend and my one true love. We were engaged, and it was a dream come true. He is the best partner a girl could ever ask for, and I cannot wait until our wedding day when I can look into his eyes and become his wife!

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