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Jennie I.

I met Rich seven and a half years ago while working with him at the Ben & Jerry's scoop shop in Natick, Massachusetts. We were both home on summer break from college, and our mutual love for ice cream made us instant friends. As that summer came to an end, we realized that our friendship was turning into something more.

Despite going off to separate colleges (me in Ithaca, New York and Rich in Burlington, Vermont), we began what would turn into four years of long distance dating. Later, while in grad school in Amherst, Massachusetts, we moved in together. This past August, we both finished grad school and moved to Boston. We went out one night to celebrate our seven year anniversary. After going out to dinner, Rich suggested Ben & Jerry's for dessert, and I couldn't resist.

It just so happened that the closest scoop shop to the restaurant was the one at which we met. It was a busy Saturday night, and as I stood in line reading the flavors up on the wall, something caught my eye. Right in between "Imagine Whirled Peace" and "Mint Chocolate Chunk" was a new flavor I had never seen: "Marry Me Jennie." I looked at Rich in disbelief and asked him if it was a joke. He replied by pulling the most beautiful diamond ring out of his pocket and asking if I would marry him.

I was so shocked I could barely speak! At this point, the flavor had been on the wall for an hour and other customers and staff had been waiting around in the store for our arrival. As I said "Yes!" everyone burst into applause. We are now planning our wedding, and we are so excited to be having Ben & Jerry make us our ice cream wedding cake. I couldn't imagine a sweeter ending!

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