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Jenna P.

We hardly ever leave the house, but my fiancé and I had planned a long weekend in San Francisco with some friends as an excuse to get away! When the day finally came to depart on our journey, the girlfriend of one of our friends had acquired a terrible cold, and after the first flight to our transfer city, was overcome by the pressure in her ears that hadn't popped on the decent. The couple had to immediately rent a car and return home. The third friend, upon hearing of the other's misfortune, did not want to be a third wheel to the two of us, and cancelled his flight that was to leave later that evening. Completely unplanned, the vacation turned out to be much more romantic than expected.

Our first day in San Francisco, I even joked about how all he needed was a ring to make the whole thing complete. At the top of our list of things to do in San Francisco was rent a bicycle and bike across the Golden Gate Bridge. Brett couldn't wait to do this, but the jet lag put this off until day two. When it came time, we were excited and ready for a breezy, relaxing little tour on wheels. The rental office handed us a map and I soon realized that this supposedly lackadaisical fun ride, actually started off with a three mile haul uphill just to get the base of the bridge! Needless to say, as we neared the top, I had exhausted my water bottle supply and given in to walking my bike up the steepest incline, sweating through my simple t-shirt and rolled up jeans. Why did I think this would be a good idea?

After what seemed like half a day, we had reached our destination, where there was a jutting vista point overlooking the whole length of the bridge and most of the city. Brett called me over to take some pictures, but I would have nothing of it. I was already over the whole experience and just wanted to get across the stupid bridge and go back to the hotel room for a shower and a much needed nap. He was persistent, and I proceeded to stomp over to him with my helmet still on, and a scowl on my face. Desperate to get me to perk up for some memorable photos, he joked about how the experience would make for good stories later! I gave in, and after snapping a few shots he put the camera down and walked over to me to give me a hug.

I guess it seemed like a romantic moment, but I didn't think much of until he got down on one knee. I actually thought he was just tying his shoe until he started fiddling with his pockets and pulled out a small box. I gasped as he looked up, with little beads of sweat on his forehead and an anxious expression on his face. I knew what was coming and I had been caught totally by surprise! To answer his question, I said, "Of course!" and then we finally crossed the bridge, which Brett said was the most nerve-racking part for him, especially since he is afraid of heights.

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