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Tara A.

During summer, Andy and I flew down to Las Vegas for a four-night getaway. After a rough morning at the airport including a bag check and delayed flight, we finally arrived in Las Vegas to start our fun-filled weekend. Andy told me that his friend who works in Las Vegas thought it would be nice to surprise us with a helicopter ride (this was a lie). When I heard that it was his friend's idea, I wasn't suspicious because Andy gets terrible motion sickness, and I never thought he would opt to take a helicopter ride on his own.

Once we left the airport, Andy and I rushed to check into our hotel, change clothes and eat so that we wouldn't be late for our helicopter extravaganza! The helicopter ride was a scenic tour that started on the Las Vegas Strip and flew over spots in Arizona like Lake Meade and the Grand Canyon. It was only after the pilot informed us that we would actually be landing in the Grand Canyon that I became suspicious. The place was too perfect not to propose!

Surrounded by miles and miles of the magnificent Grand Canyon walls with the sun setting and casting shadows across the rocks, the scenery was absolutely breathtaking. The pilot landed and told us that we had 30 minutes to explore the Grand Canyon and take pictures. Once we got off the helicopter, Andy and I immediately started exploring. He asked me to walk forward so that he could take a picture of me. When I turned around for him to snap my picture, he was on bended knee holding the engagement ring of my dreams! He began telling me how much he loved me and how he couldn't live without me. He then asked me to marry him! He still had the camera in his hand and snapped a ton of pictures during his proposal, including a shot of my initial reaction. I immediately said yes and we hugged and kissed. The pilot then came running over to us and snapped our picture. He had champagne and a dozen white roses waiting for us.

For the remaining 20 minutes, we sipped champagne and explored the depths of the Grand Canyon. It was really romantic. After the ride back to Vegas, I was finally able to call my friends and family to share the great news, since there was no reception in the Grand Canyon. It was such a romantic and beautiful proposal, and the best part was that we had four amazing nights to ourselves in Las Vegas to celebrate! It was simply wonderful. For a guy who is not always that organized and gets motion sickness just sitting on a boat, he blew me away that day with his amazing proposal. It was a great surprise, and we are now happily in the midst of planning our big day!

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