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Janette L.

As a first grade teacher, I find that every day is hectic and full of a ton of interruptions, kids doing cutest things and times when things certainly don't go as planned. In an effort to gain a little sanity before parents arrived for our Read Across America afternoon celebration, a friend and I decided to escape for lunch. She kept complaining of anxiety and said she had so much on her mind. I reassured her that the day would go smoothly, and told her not think about it. Little did I know, it was not the parent volunteers stressing her out but another afternoon activity she had planned!

Once we returned to school, my parent readers started arriving and shared their books with the kids. Finally, it was time for gym. The students were picked up by the gym teacher and taken to the cafeteria. It was time to take a little breather, relax and chat with one of my room parents. After all, it was Friday afternoon and the craziness of Read Across America was winding down. Or at least I thought it was until the principal came to my door and told me there was a problem with one of my kids at gym. Quickly apologizing to the parent in my room, I started walking out into the hallway with the principal. He was telling me that there was an issue with one particular student - a scenario that was entirely believable.

Meanwhile, I was annoyed that the gym teacher and principal couldn't resolve the problem. When we arrived at the gym doors, they were closed with the lights off. I became even more annoyed, thinking that my kids behaved so badly that they had to sit in the dark!

My principal opened the doors and there were my 20 little darlings standing on stage with large letters that spelled out "WILL YOU MARRY ME?" with my fabulous boyfriend of seven years at the end of the line. He came down off the stage, got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. Of course I said yes, cried and hugged and kissed him repeatedly. The best part of the whole engagement was that it was videotaped, so I will always have the memory of our special day! We spent the night celebrating our engagement with a special dinner in Philadelphia with both of our families. I couldn't have asked for anything more perfect!

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