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Jaime P.

My fairy tale began almost four years ago when I met Bryan in high school. I never paid much attention to Bryan, until the day he sat next to me in a class, our last semester of high school. Bryan and I had planned on going to the Senior Prom together, but I had my heart broken shortly after his current girlfriend told him he would have to tell me he could not go to stay with her.

Months later, Bryan called and asked me what I was doing and said he wanted to see how I was. I was thrilled to hear from him and could not wait until the day we had set to hang out almost two weeks away. Since that day I do not remember a day that went by without hearing from Bryan. On Valentine's Day in 2007, in the parking lot of our favorite place to get coffee, Bryan asked me to be his girlfriend.

Bryan and I went on a vacation to the Bahamas in June. We went to dinner and while waiting for the check, a large silver platter with over twenty desserts was placed on our table. I am a very healthy eater so I said, "Bryan tell him we are not interested in dessert." The man sat the tray there anyway. Almost five minutes later, I noticed the large sparkly diamonds sitting in the fudge design that had been put on the plate. I was so surprised! Now we are planning our wedding that is over a year away, but the small details of this wedding are very important and we want this to be a day our guest will never forget.

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