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Indea C.

My fiancé and I have a very unique story. We first met at a junior high school dance. We both went to separate junior high schools in the same town - they were actually rival schools. Our schools had a combined dance one night and that's when Chase noticed me.

We were in seventh grade, so of course he was too shy to ask me to dance. So he had his buddy ask me to dance for him, and of course I said yes! So that night we danced, and Chase asked if I would be his girlfriend. After that night, Chase and I dated for a whole month, which is forever in junior high school days! Our first date was at a local bowling alley. After a month of dating I broke his heart and broke up with him. Although we broke up we never forgot about each other.

Time passed and next thing you know, we were sophomores in high school and Chase was moving to another town over an hour away. I will never forget, before he moved we had one last conversation on the phone. He told me that he will always remember me, and one day he would find me no matter where he was, and he would marry me. Little did I know that this prediction would come true one day! After graduating both from different high schools, I moved away to Tennessee. After not seeing or speaking to one another for eight years, randomly we came across one another through the internet. I, being the nosey person that I am, wanted to see how he was after all of these years, so I emailed him through MySpace. We started communicating again, picking right back up where we left off from when we were thirteen.

Even though we had miles and miles between us, that did not hold us back from getting to know each other all over again. I flew back and forth to visit him for months. I knew it was worth it. After months of a long distance relationship, I made the decision to join him back in Illinois. The rest has been history. He finally proposed to me on Halloween 2007! I am now a firm believer of love at first glance! Even at thirteen we knew we had something special. You never know what life brings you, but I am surely blessed with what God has brought in my life, and more to come.

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