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Heather M.

Several months ago, I was having a bad week at work and had taken a lot of my frustration out on my boyfriend, Brian. Most of my friends had been too busy for me, and I had not been able to vent to them. After almost begging her, one of my best friends agreed to go shopping with me that Saturday for a fun girls' day. Brian offered to make me dinner that night after shopping. He said he had some friends in town that he wanted us to hang out with that night. My friend and I shopped most of the day Saturday. We both had talked about getting engaged to our boyfriends, so we looked at rings at the jewelry store. When I got to Brian's house, I was exhausted. He was finishing cooking our favorite meal while I was nearly asleep on the couch. He asked me to sit up, but I kept telling him how tired I was and how I really didn't feel like going out that night.

While I complained, he finally got down on one knee and told me how much he loved me and wanted to spend the rest of his life with me! That got my attention, and I said yes immediately. We ate dinner, but both of us were so excited that we could barely finish. After dinner, I told Brian I needed to call my family and tell them. It was getting late, and Brian convinced me that we should celebrate the engagement on our own that night and call our families the next morning. Brian and I left to go pick up our friends, who were at a club we go to pretty often. Brian parked by the front door and asked me to go in and find them so we could move along to the next place for some drinks.

When I walked in, there were my family members and closest friends! Brian followed me inside. He had rented out the club and had hired one of our favorite local bands for the night! I was so excited and surprised! Throughout the night, my friends congratulated me and apologized for blowing me off in the recent weeks. It turned out that Brian had sent out the invitation for the engagement party well over a month before. I later read the invitation and saw that Brian had done everything but threaten the girls with their lives if they told me about the engagement. They were so afraid they would spill the beans that they had collectively decided it would be best to avoid me until the party.

The best friend who had taken me shopping that day said she was terrified when I wanted to go look at engagement rings with her. She said she could hardly stand not saying anything! To this day, Brian is not convinced that I hadn't known about the engagement. He begs me to just tell him that I had known everything. I am still working on convincing him that it was the most wonderful surprise I could ever have imagined!

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