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Heather F.

It was a sunny, mild day in the Maine woods. My boyfriend Hans and I were taking a walk on the gravel paths through the beautiful Bangor Forest. The melted snow was rushing through the streams, throwing a beautiful soft mist into the air. The temperature was warm and comfortable; it was really a perfect day to be out for a jog or run with a dog. Hans and I walked hand-in-hand, joking about how our day at work had gone and talking about weekend plans. As we walked closer to a small, rushing stream, Hans began to slow his pace and started acting nervously, like something was on his mind. Once over the stream, he stopped walking. He stood in front of me and took both of my hands, staring seriously into my eyes. I could feel the blood rushing to my face, filling my cheeks with a rosy color. I began thinking too much: "Was this it? The moment I had been waiting for? Or is this just another romantic time for him to kiss me and say some nice things about how much he loves me. This is not the first time he has acted this way."

I gave up thinking and just let Hans do the talking. "Heather, I love you. I want to sp..." Hans stopped as I began pulling him down towards the granite stone to sit so that I could control my shaking knees. Hans tried tugging me back up so that he could talk to me standing up, but standing up was not an option for me. My body was in control. "Okay." Hans finally agreed with me and slowly sank with me to a sitting position. We dangled our sandals over the rushing water. My heart was racing, and I could imagine Hans was going through the same thing at that moment. Hans took one of my hands and then the other. He reached into his pocket and said, "I love you so much. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Heather, will you marry me?" Oh my goodness! My head was racing trying to comprehend the words he had just told me. Did he really just ask me? Just then, I saw what he had taken out of his pocket: a sparkling white gold ring with a small round solitaire diamond that had three hearts on each side of the stone. It was beautiful. Hans waited for my reply as he patiently held the ring in his open hand. "Of course I will! Yes! I will marry you! I love you too!" I said, as I held back the tears of joy. Hans gently slid the ring onto my shaking left hand ring finger and then passionately kissed me. I was still in shock and knew all I wanted was him. I threw my arms around his neck to extend the kiss longer. This was perfect. We finished our walk about 25 minutes later, but we had just begun our journey as one.

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