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Hannah M.

After dating Steven for six years, I thought it was about time for an engagement. He informed me that it would not happen for another two years, and I began to get over the fact that this relationship was lasting just a shade under a decade. Steven told me one Friday not to make any plans on Sunday because he wanted to take me out for a picnic, which was something that we had never really done as a couple.

As I got ready for the day, I thought to myself that it would be the perfect occasion for him to propose to me, but the chance of that was so slim that I brushed the idea off. I drove to his house, and then we drove to a park in Auburn. To my surprise, he had bought a picnic basket and had planned this nice Italian meal with brie, crackers, prosciutto, chocolate and Pellegrino. I keep thinking to myself, "Gosh I'm so lucky to be having this nice date!"

Then Steven told me to close my eyes. He told me that he had never bought me a children's book before, and had always wanted to since I am going to be a kindergarten teacher and I've been assembling a nice collection of children's books. He brought out a book that he had written titled "Mikey's Adventure." He told me to only look at the pictures because he didn't want me to read ahead.

I was still thinking, "Awww, how cute!" The story was about a bird that flies around trying to find a best friend, until he stumbles upon one that is like him, Maegan. Steven read the story and the last words he read were, "and they lived happily ever after?"

He turned the page and let me read the last of the story, which said, "Will you spend forever with me?" He pulled out a ring, and I was so excited! He explained to me that Mikey represented him since Michael was Steven's middle name, and Maegan represented me since Mae is my middle name. If that wasn't good enough, Steven had hired a professional photographer to hide and take pictures the whole time. So now I get to remember that day with amazing pictures and a phenomenal book, but none of it compares to the fact that Steven will be the one I spend the rest of my life with!

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