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Hanna V.

Joey and I met in Chicago when I was there working as a nanny. He was up there working, selling security systems. We met at a bar - it was pure luck and maybe a little bit of faith. Joey didn't even want to go out that evening, but his friends dragged him along. I didn't really want to go out either, but since my friend Kirsten was going back to Germany in a few days and I just bought a new dress, I went out anyways.

It was really boring at the bar, so we wanted to go somewhere else. But Kirsten just had to smoke first. While she excused herself, Joey walked in. We talked that evening and started dating. This was in June 2007.

In January, my visa was up, and I was going back home to Sweden. Joey came with me so he could meet my family. We came home January 11th. On January 25th, we went down to Uppsala to visit my best friend Linda, whom I hadn't seen in a year and a half. We came down Friday on the train and began walking around town. Linda and her fiancé were still working. We went to a really big and important church, and then visited the castle right next to the church.

It was great to see Linda again and we had a good time. She saw the pictures we took from the castle and she told me she wanted to go there the following day to take some pictures herself. My thought was, "You've lived here for seven years and you want to take pictures of your town?"

The next day we were off to revisit the castle which sits on a hill called the Beacon Hill. It was built in 1549 by King Gustaf Wasa. Linda went up to the clock tower and started taking pictures, she was climbing on the rail and Anders stood behind her; it looked like a scene from the movie Titanic. Joey and I were standing in the parking lot, looking over at the botanical garden down below the castle. I said to Joey, "Let's go up to the clock tower."

Up by the clock tower, there was a row of old canons and we stood in front of them looking over the big church and the town. All of a sudden, Joey got all jittery and I asked him if he was feeling alright. Before I knew it, he got down on his knee and asked me, "vill du gifta dig med mig?" which means, "will you marry me?" in Swedish. I started crying and said, "ja!" We both cried of happiness and I couldn't believe what he just asked me. He gave me the most beautiful ring.

Linda and Anders came up and congratulated us and cried a little bit too. It turned out they and my mom had helped Joey learn how to ask in my own language. We celebrated by eating sushi, and later in the evening we all went out to a club. We spent the night at a very nice hotel. In February, Joey went back to the States and I had to stay behind, while we were applying for a fiancée visa. He came to see me in June and we celebrated our one year anniversary. He stayed for a week and then he had to go back and work. It took until August 4th before I could go back to the States. And after entering, we had ninety days to get married. So, we had to go see the judge at the justice of peace office, but the real wedding is on March 28th.

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