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Haley C.

Kevin proposed to me after lots of hard work. He had been planning his proposal for a month. I was living in Dallas while he was in Houston. He never had any forewarning when I was coming home for a weekend, so he had to have perfect planning to be able to propose on the spot. I told him I was coming in on a Friday night, and going immediately to see a movie with my sister. He told me he had made dinner reservations for us at Maggiano's Little Italy after the movie because he hadn't seen me in two weeks and wanted to spend some quality time with me. I agreed, of course, and didn't think anything of it because he has always done sweet things for me during the seven years we have been dating.

He picked me up after the movie, and we were on our way to eat, but he said he left his wallet at work. Since he works right across the street on, I said that we could go pick it up. It was freezing, so when we parked in the parking garage I told him I would wait for him in the car. He begged me to come with him since he missed me. I walked with him, and instead of going into his work he led me outside.

I was wondering what was going on when we walked to a beautiful spot where there was a fountain and beautiful trees. I asked him what he was doing, and he replied, "This is the spot."

I asked, "The spot for what?" He turned me around and we faced his big building. He had worked for more than a week with the building manager, and together they had created a design with the lights in the windows on the building that said, "MARRY ME HC." He used my initials since my name would not fit.

I was so happy and jumped up and down. We walked across to Maggiano's, not expecting anything more, and when I walked in applause broke out in the restaurant. He had both our families waiting there to join us for dinner. He had also had my dad hiding in bushes while he was proposing, recording the whole proposal on videotape. It was a perfect proposal, and very unique. He is so perfect to me!

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