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Grace L.

I was invited to a friend's wedding, but their banquet hall was too small to invite both myself and my boyfriend. I was torn about attending the evening banquet because I wanted him there as well. My boyfriend comforted me and offered to plan a dinner if I decided not to go. We attended the ceremony and lunch reception, and then went off to start our own day. He brought out a newly purchased video camera we had previously looked at, and started recording everything as he got into the car.

He then presented me with a booklet he had made. It was a game similar to "Amazing Race," but each location had significant meanings and memories during our relationship. I read the riddles, and once I guessed the location he would drive me there to take pictures and videos. The nine clues took us all around the city. The last clue took us to the location where he had first asked me out. After taking pictures, he asked me to close my eyes.

When I opened my eyes, I saw him with his guitar. He started to play his guitar and sing a song that he had written for me! I was so touched by the song that I cried happy tears while the camera was rolling! He suggested we look for a place for dinner and started driving around downtown. He drove into a dead end parking lot and insisted that we walk around to look for restaurant.

We walked to the seaside harbor and entered the nearest building, where he pretended to ask for information. Confused, I looked around and told him that he wasn't going to find anything. It was then that I noticed I was at an airport terminal for float planes! The next thing I knew, we were walking down a ramp to board a seaplane! After our plane was airborne, I was taking pictures from the air excitedly when he leaned over and told me that we were going to an island.

Our plane landed on the water and approached the pier on a beautiful and peaceful island. We headed to a restaurant where he had already reserved a table for two. We had a low-light, romantic dinner, and afterward we took a walk outside where the sun had just set. We walked along the pier where our plane landed, and he asked me if I had enjoyed the day. I recounted the day to him with such delight and detail. Then he started to sing the song he wrote for me again, this time a cappella. He added an extra verse at the end that led into the big question. Then, he got down on one knee and proposed! I was so surprised!

My heart raced and tears of joy flowed down my cheeks as I exclaimed, "Yes!" I pulled him toward me and we hugged tightly. He reminded me gently that he still had not put the ring on my finger. I extended my hand, shaking with delight, and he slipped the ring onto my finger - I have not taken it off since!

A ferry took us back to the city, and when we arrived, a private limo was waiting for us! The chauffeur took us back to our car where two dozen roses were waiting for me. He had hand-folded the entire bouquet on scented origami paper. It was beautiful, and I was so impressed by the care he had taken to prepare everything. He had crafted the whole day so well, and had it all captured both on video camera and with still photography.

Most incredibly, our day was marked by two fated events. The first was after my friend's wedding as we were leaving the church. I was gazing out the window, dreaming out loud, and I told him for the first time how I would love to ride in a limousine on a special day like our wedding. He looked at me, smirked and said that there are other special days when we can ride a limo. The second event was during our game. I again gazed out the window while dreaming aloud about one day wanting to take a ferry to an island to have dinner and fly back. Can you imagine my surprise when the day unfolded the way it did and everything I dreamed about happened on that same day?

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