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Gina R.

On the ride back from visiting my family on Thanksgiving weekend, my boyfriend Jimmy and I discussed going away to a Bed & Breakfast for Valentine's Day. Jimmy really threw me off with that conversation. I was so certain that he would propose to me during our February getaway. With Christmas coming, we wanted to spend our first Christmas together but knew that our families would be spending the holiday in two different states. I was disappointed with the idea that we would be apart and so was Jimmy. He surprised me when he told me that he had vacation between Christmas and New Year's week and wanted to spend it with me at my sister's home, getting to know my family better! Jimmy booked tickets for the both of us. I arrived in upstate NY on the 23rd. On Christmas night, after he spent the day with his family, he flew up to meet me in NY.

When Jimmy got to my sister's home on Christmas night, he had a small black box in his pocket. I did not know that he had already purchased my engagement ring, but my family did! Jimmy and my dad went to another area of the house, and he asked my dad for my hand in marriage. My dad is "old school" when it comes to stuff like his daughters getting married, so this conversation was perfect.

For the next six days, Jimmy, my sister and brother-in-law planned every second they could. We had all agreed to a low-key New Year's Eve. My sister made reservations for dinner at a restaurant on the Eerie Canal that had such a specialized interior design and menu that you would think that you were dinning in Napa Valley. The restaurant had a separate area for dessert and after-dinner drinks. The room was beautiful with elegant holiday decorations, couches, a burning fireplace and wooden racks holding empty wine bottles. The setting could not have been more perfect!

Jimmy made arrangements with the restaurant to go upstairs for "dessert" just before midnight, and he picked out the champagne that would be brought out. My sister purposely pulled the "girl thing" and had me come with her to the restroom while the guys went upstairs. When we joined them, Jimmy had already ordered our favorite hot toddies, and he immediately gave a toast thanking Gina and John for hosting us and expressed how much he enjoyed getting to know them over the last week. He then said, "You both know that Melissa and I want to get engaged over the next couple of months, but I say why wait?" Jimmy got down on both knees and said, "Melissa, you would make me the happiest man in the world if you'd marry me." I said yes, and the champagne poured.

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