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Taneisha H.

During the week of the 4th of July, my sister and her family came to visit me from Jamaica. My boyfriend Mike had asked me earlier in the week if he and I should take them to the beach or the park so they could see the fireworks up close. I had said maybe that would be a good idea. As we came close to the 4th, the weather was pretty bad and it rained so I told him I didn't think it would be a good idea for us to go anywhere. He came over to my house, and we spent most of the day there watching TV. While we were in the room, my sister came in singing the words, "Going to the chapel, and we're going to get married." I then turned to her husband and told him that was the song she had sung the entire morning when she was going to marry him.

As the night progressed, Mike told me that we should take a drive to see some fireworks. He drove around the neighborhood for hours trying to find the perfect spot for us to watch the fireworks. Meanwhile, all I could think about was going back home to spend time with my sister before she left the following morning. He drove to the beach, but I told him it was too crowded. He drove to the docks, but I told him I didn't think I was up to walking that far to go to the dock since I was in recovery from surgery. He continued to drive around and try to think of good spots that we could go to see the fireworks while I was just wondering why he was so obsessed with watching the fireworks. I didn't really want to say anything to him because I knew we hadn't spent much time together since my sister was in town. He ended up finding a drive-in park, which was nice. We settled in the car with some soft music and watched the fireworks. I turned to him and said, "There, babe. You got your fireworks after two hours of driving around." He replied, "Can't a guy just want to enjoy some music and watch the fireworks with his girl?" So, I just accepted his answer as that with no clue that he was trying to set up the moment.

Shortly afterwards, the police drove through the park announcing that the parking was closing so we had to leave. At that point, we left, but I didn't know that Mike was dying inside because nothing was working out for him. As we were coming down our block, we saw a couple of people lighting fireworks. So, as he pulled up to the house, I turned to him and said, "Babe, there are your fireworks, closer than ever." He asked me to watch some outside with him, and I said I would because I knew how much he wanted to watch them. It began to rain a bit so he got the umbrella out of his car, came behind me and held me from the back. I must say that the moment felt romantic because he was hugging me from behind and holding the umbrella as we watched the fireworks in front of my house in the drizzling rain.

Then, Mike asked me if I loved him, and I replied yes, still watching the fireworks and clueless about what was going to happen. He said he had something for me as he handed me a gift box tied with a bow. Still clueless, I asked, "What is it?" He told me to open it, and I did, only to find an engagement ring sparkling at me in the dark. He proceeded to go on one knee and pop the question. I was in so much shock, that to this day, I still don't know if I had answered yes! But as he was on his knees, my sister happened to come outside and witness it, hysterically screaming in excitement. I found out from Mike later that he had wanted to propose before my sister had left town so I could have family around to celebrate with because I don't have any family that live close by. I believe that was very thoughtful of him because it meant a lot that I had family right there to share in the moment and my excitement. I will always love him for that. My engagement was simply the best.

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