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Gabriela C.

My fiancé and I love Alice in Wonderland. He said his sister-in-law was planning a kids' party with the theme, Alice in Wonderland. He knew I would love to dress up and help the kiddies have a great tea party. When the rest of my family heard, they all wanted to help and dress along too. On the day of the party, I came inside to see absolutely no young kids. The only person there was my boyfriend, who I thought would be working late. He was dressed up as the White Rabbit, pocket watch and all. "Well, as you can see, this is obviously not a kid's party. This is actually…" I was convinced this was a proposal, but I was dismayed when he finished, "your surprise graduation party!" I was happy he had thrown this party, and I put on a smile and enjoyed the festivities. One of the tasks given to me was to find four keys hidden in the room. I had all night to try finding the keys. When it came time for the gifts, I had already found three keys. As I was opening the last gift, my boyfriend pulled out his gift: a giant Alice in Wonderland snow globe. On the bottom of the snow globe was the last key, which opened a small box I had previously been unaware had fallen off the table. At that time, I had known what was going on and was so shocked that both our families and my boyfriend had pulled off a great surprise engagement.

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