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Farran N.

It was a year to the date that an old college friend and I had reconnected when he asked for my hand in marriage. We had dinner on a Tuesday night down at the National Harbor in Maryland, which he tried to play off as "just because. " We walked out onto the pier as the sun was setting and found a spot on a bench at the end. He had a bag full of goodies and pulled out five love letters that he had written to me. He had remembered a comment that I made about never having been written a love letter before. He also pulled out a Product Red shirt for my passion for humanitarian work in Africa and an antique box that looked like a map because he said he wanted to journey this life with me. In the box was the ring.

As he got down on one knee and asked me if I would marry him, I just felt so blessed to have reconnected with the person who had become my best friend and would become my husband. He happened to be the same person who thought about every little detail that would make the moment special down to the ring, which was a conflict-free diamond he had researched and chosen by himself because he knew how much it meant to me. We have a mutual friend who is a photographer and was able to capture the moment for us since my family was not able to be there.

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