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Erica B.

My fiancé Jason took me out to dinner at an upscale Italian restaurant one day in November. The date was not special to us at all; it was just another Friday night. We had horrible service the entire night, and the dinner lasted for over two and a half hours. Jason went to the bathroom several times during the meal and kept complaining about the horribly slow service that we were receiving. Little did I know that he was paying for a limo that was sitting in the parking lot and that he had to keep calling the limo driver to say that we were going to be late. After dinner, we went outside, and I saw the white stretch limo in the parking lot. As we got closer to the car, I noticed that the limo driver was holding up a sign that said "Erica Andersen. " It had been handmade by Jason, using my scrapbook supplies of course! As I turned around to look at Jason, he was on his knee proposing. He had a camera, champagne, Kleenex and 50 roses waiting in the limo. We rode around in the limo all night, stopping to tell our friends and family the big news and to visit the place where we had first met.

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