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Emily S.

One day, my fiancé mentioned that we should go out to a nice dinner. I thought he was being sweet, but I didn't think he would propose. As we arrived at the restaurant, we discovered that it actually turned into a club after 9 pm. My fiancé was furious, and we began to brainstorm where to go. I suggested that we just go to a cafe and do dinner another night, but he was insistent that we find somewhere to go. We were only blocks away from the Seattle Space Needle and just minutes later, we were seated in a restaurant. My always very cool and confident fiancé was more nervous than I had ever seen him. He began telling me all of the reasons that he loved me. However, after the second reason, he forgot what he had written for me. So, he pulled out a ring and said, "I forgot the rest but please marry me!" I couldn't imagine a better way for him to propose.

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