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William W.

My fiancée and I were planning a trip to Louisville, KY to see the Broadway musical Wicked. She had begun getting suspicious that I might propose but had no idea that I was planning to make this small trip into something much more special. I started off by making sure we would have the best seats for the play. I then booked a hotel room at the luxurious Galt House, which had a "Wicked Package" that included an executive suite. Since I had never been to Louisville, I decided I would use the hotel's concierge to help me decide the perfect place to pop the question and ensure the perfect weekend. With the help of the concierge, I decided that the best place to propose would be the revolving restaurant on the top floor of one of the hotel towers. So, the Rivue would be the place where it would all go down.

I called the restaurant's manager and made a reservation, letting him know what I was planning. So, my fiancée and I made it to Louisville and about 15 minutes before our dinner/engagement date, I began to really feel my heart beating. We headed up to the restaurant, and there was a table for two set up for us, and we began our usual conversation, talking about the view and everything. We ordered our food, and they brought her salad out. When she was done, I began my prepared speech, which was done in a way that would force me to get over my nerves: "Baby, you know that I'll never be perfect, but I'm going to do everything I can to be perfect for you. Also, I'm going to show you every day that I love you and not just say it." She interrupted by telling me that I was sweet and whatnot. "There is this one thing that you could do that would mean the world to me though," I said. She responded with, "What do you want me to do?"

I then proceeded to produce the ring from my pocket, get out of my seat and get on one knee, saying "Will you marry me?" She said yes, and the people around us began clapping and congratulating us. The couple behind us bought us a bottle of champagne, and we celebrated. Over the meal, which she hardly ate because of the excitement, I told her of the things I had to hide from her because of my planning. After that, we had to rush to the theater to see the show. During the intermission, we called her parents and mine, who had known of the plans.

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