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Emily S.

My fiancé had told me a huge lie about how he had a work kick-off party, with a reception and two guest speakers. He even called me, pretending to take a break from the party, and told me that one of the speakers couldn't make it because he was stuck in Chicago due to bad weather! He's usually terrible when it comes to telling lies, but he got me good this time.

He really left work at 2:30 and drove three hours to Knoxville, Tennessee to eat dinner with my parents. He showed them the ring, asked them for their permission, and then got back on the road. He didn't get home until 10:30. I was lying in bed in the most ridiculous outfit. I had my hair in a wet bun, a black sports bra, silk cheetah boxer shorts and my retainer! Can you believe it? How embarrassing!

He came in and told me to wake up, and that he really didn't have anything work related, he actually went to Knoxville. He got down on one knee, and I said, "Baby, I'm sorry but, I have to take my retainer out." So, I take it out and everything he said is actually a blur now but, he proposed and now we are engaged!

It was a complete surprise and funny too! It was great; I loved it! So now I just want to enjoy being engaged before I start any wedding planning! We probably won't get married until September or October of 2010!

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