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Emily M.

Mike had been working really hard at opening his own personal training studio. He was putting in really long hours, pretty much every day for weeks! I had begun to get a little upset about how many hours he was putting in at work because we never got to spend any time together. By the time he made it home every evening, he would be so exhausted from working! I had finally decided that I wanted to plan a nice dinner for Friday evening.

I was sitting at home on Thursday looking up some new places to try for dinner when he gave me a call on his drive home from work. He let me know that he finally had gotten the keys to his new studio and he wanted to spend Friday evening up there choosing the layout for it. It totally squashed my plans, but I wanted to be supportive, so I swallowed my frustration and agreed. After work on Friday, I began the busy, bumper-to-bumper car ride north for an hour. He had asked me to meet him right after work when he was finished with his last client.

I finally made it up to his studio and pulled into the parking lot. I walked around to the old studio to meet with him, but I realized it was locked up for the evening. I was a little confused, so I gave him a ring to find out what was going on. He told me he was already in the new studio, and asked me to come down to meet him. When I walked in he started pointing out where he thought some of the equipment would go, he showed me the office, and then showed me where the massage room would be. He told me to check it out. When I opened the door, I found candles placed around the room with a box in the middle. I bent down to pick it up and when I stood up, he took it from me and said that I had to let him do the rest!

He told me he knew that he had been super busy lately and knew that I had missed having him around the house the past few weeks. He told me how much that I meant to him and that he wanted to be there for me always. Then he got down on one knee and proposed! I was so surprised! I think the fact that he had made it such a private event for the two of us was the greatest part! What a sweetheart!

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